About Us

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    What makes us “extra-ordinary” compared to other salons?

    With 4 Majestic Sun Salon locations, there is the convenience of knowing you are able to find a location around the Philadelphia area and Suburbs!

    Our locations include Blue Bell, Flourtown, Tremont, and Thorndale.With smiling faces, we are happy to be of service! Take for example our packages-want to share a 5, 10 or 20 package with a family member, friend, loved one? With your permission, we can do that too! We are committed to making your experience as convenient and pleasant as we can.

    All 4 locations offer state of the art equipment, and our constantly being maintained to ensure the best service, each and every time.

    Our four Majestic Sun Salon locations have a superb operations manager who constantly works to update our equipment by changing out old bulbs, and replacing old equipment if necessary. We renovate our facilities every couple of years, so that everything is clean and fully functional. We routinely hire outside technicians if necessary to have our equipment repaired quickly and efficiently. Our Majestic Sun Salon owners and management annually attend trade shows throughout the country to learn about the newest, innovative tools of the trade. It is our goal to remain competitive. Our priority at Majestic Sun Salon is to you, the customer to deliver safe and unparalleled results.

    Majestic Sun Salon is more than just UV Tanning! We offer so many more services for you to look and feel amazing everywhere!

    Many moons ago, we offered only stand up booths. We listened to our customers and added in more services to meet your needs. Majestic Sun Salon’s most recent addition is Red Light Therapy. Check out our wide range of services below (Red Light Therapy  is not offered at Thorndale at this time):

    A friendly, knowledgeable Majestic Sun Salon staff who works diligently to impress and educate the customer on what is new and hot in the beauty industry.

    On average, we see our customers 3 times a week – which means we become close to you. We care about you. We want to get to know your names, and know your personal story. Much of the enjoyment we receive comes from the laughter we share with our clients. Experience the “real, down to earth” feel of our talented, friendly staff.