Infrared Body Wrap

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    Majestic Sun Salon’s Infrared Body Wrap will help you trouble-shoot the “Trouble Zones”

    Our infrared Body Wraps will tighten, tone, and firm those body areas you have been struggling with. This advanced slimming system is the answer to your weight loss woes and puts you in control to manage your results. The method works by reducing fat and minimizing cellulite. It also assists with pain relief, stretch marks, detoxification, and other skin imperfections. Be prepared to burn up to 1400 calories in one hour, and continue to burn additional calories for up to 36 hours. The increase in your metabolic rate stimulates weight loss, as well as contours and slims your body in a period of 6-10 sessions. Trouble-shooting has never been easier and rewarding with less work involved. Try the Body Wave System at our Majestic Sun Salon Tremont location and the Sudatonic Slimming System at our Majestic Sun Salon Cottman and Blue Bell locations.

    Relax with the Majestic Sun Salon Infrared Body Wrap as you Lose inches

    Majestic Sun Salon’s infrared body wrap will target your buttocks, abdomen, hips, thighs, and arms. The heat penetrates twice as deep as conventional heat to get fats, toxins, and cellulite trapped beneath our dermis. The infrared heat softens the fat tissue causing it to be broken up and excreted from the body in the form of energy. Our system works to activate the metabolism, increasing blood flow and circulation, encouraging the body to consume energy, burn calories and stimulate weight loss. All this takes place while you lay and relax as our wrap works it’s magic. We welcome clients to bring media to occupy themselves during the hour session.

    Reported Therapeutic Benefits

    Research studies indicate that far infrared rays penetrates over 1.5 inches deep into muscular tissues. By doing so, it opens up blockages and distributes proper oxygen to the body. Improved circulation helps to alleviate pain and helps with other muscular, nerve, and brain distress.

    Infrared Body Wraps at Majestic Sun Salon Alleviates:

    • Arthritis
    • Shoulder pain and stiffness
    • Insomnia
    • Menopausal symptoms
    • Rheumatism
    • Muscle Spasms
    • Muscle Tension
    • Post-exercise muscle pain

    Testimonials: What Our Clients Are Saying:

    “I had a surgical procedure and was unable to exercise for awhile. I had put on some weight and was  having trouble losing it. I had heard about the body wrap and thought it was a good way to kick start my diet. The second treatment I decided to try one of the products recommended. I tried the FUSION and found it definitely made a difference. I have since added FOCUS to the problem areas. I did the wrap 3 times a week for 4 weeks long with eating healthy and moderate exercise and so far I’ve lost 13 lbs and at least 2 inches  off my waist and hips! I’m back in the clothes I was ready to give away! It not only helps with your metabolism, but aches and pains as well. Once I reach my goal, I would definitely continue at least once a week as a detox and energy booster. I highly recommend the Sudatonic Body Wrap.”

    – Bari