Mystic Spray Tan


You can build the perfect tan with 4 great shades that will produce results 1-5 shades darker than your natural skin color.

The mystic sunless tan booth at Majestic Sun Salon utilizes a spray-on process that applies a self tanning solution containing aloe vera moisturizers and a bronzer for quick color, to the entire body, in a matter of seconds. Mystic Tan has multiple tanning levels. Each level uses precise mixers of tanning solution for every skin profile. You can customize your look and boost color for any occasion, whether it be a prom, wedding, photo session, etc!

Our Mystic Tan service is completely safe and lasts 5-7 days.

Yes have your Mystic Tan last 5-7 days, even longer if you add any of our Mystic product line to your home routine. No need to worry about tan lines, or turning orange like an Oompa Loompa! You will see a beautiful, bronzed transformation in a matter of 4 hours, as the DHA settles into your skin.

No appointment needed at Majestic Sun Salon!

That’s right! You can walk right into¬†Majestic Sun Salon and select the Mystic Tanning experience! The mystic sunless session lasts approximately 3 minutes. Add a cosmetic bronzer to boost your results! Select an aroma for a total sensory delight or infuse an accelerator for the fastest results imaginable! Our sales professionals will explain to you the whole process so that you will be ready for the prompts in the mystic booth and feel fully prepared. We will provide you with the tools you need after your session to minimize any potential streaking involved from human error. A great result comes from proper education. We provide you with the confidence to strut your stuff. Our dedicated Majestic Sun Salon mystic consultants will educate you. Simply give the DHA a full 4 hours to reap the darkest, most alluring shade. We have anything and everything to make your experience enjoyable.

Remember: Well maintained skin delivers a longer and more effective Mystic Tan!

We can suggest to you great home care, as our salons carry a wide selection of mystic tanning products! To prolong your tan and look exceptional, we have PH balanced enhancers and numerous shower care options. Want a “pick me up”? Feeling good about the way you look prior to an event is crucial! Ask us about the different skincare solutions to awaken your inner god/ goddess. We want you to look your best. Take our advice: make sure you do not exercise or bathe directly following a mystic tan. Sweating is out of the question, unless you want to look like you just came from a mud wrestling contest. (We didn’t think so!)