Red Light Therapy


Red Light therapy works by revving up production of collagen and elastin in your skin.

Red light therapy is a restorative, cell-enhancing therapy that helps repair skin and boost collagen throughout the body. It stimulates your cells by regenerating them and leaving you with a more youthful appearance. The heat and light boost circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to the area. That boost to your skin will create a plumping effect. Brighter, clearer, and tighter feeling skin are the first effects of Red Light Therapy. We highly recommend 3 sessions a week and then 1-2x a week for maintenance. Over time, it will help to improve your overall tone and texture. Experts confirm Red Light helps increase collagen by 150%, because red light utilizes ATP, the body’s powerhouse energy of your cells!

Tackle fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, scars, cellulite, and many other skincare conditions with the healing properties of red light therapy.

We all suffer from different skincare woes. Treating these conditions has never been easier. You will start to see subtle results in the beginning, but give us as little as 45 days and those changes will become more apparent. Beyond cosmetic and aging benefits, Red Light Therapy is excellent for the whole body and can help alleviate physical pain. Do you suffer from arthritis, old injuries,or systemic pain? Red light therapy helps to treat chronic conditions and has been proven to assist in pain minimization. It accelerates the cellular activity in a restorative manner.

Red Light Therapy as seen on a CBS Philly special report

Red Light Therapy at Majestic Sun Salon is a  cost-effective, affordable cosmetic solution compared to going under the knife, or other invasive procedures.

Yes, Red light Therapy is an affordable solution to nips,tucks, injections, chemical processes, and dermal fillers. This non-invasive treatment is gentle, yet effective. It delivers results over time that truly benefit the skin. No down time hassle, no nasty side effects to worry about. This is a risk-free procedure. It only helps to improve oxygenation and detoxification of the skin.

Benefits are reaped with following a treatment schedule.

As with any therapy, time and commitment is needed for Red Light Therapy to work. Majestic Sun Salon offers an introductory package that includes 6 weeks of unlimited therapy sessions and our Red Light Therapy Product Package. The package includes eye wear, Pre-mist PH balancing spray with aloe and Vitamin C for red light absorption. We also have a Post-therapy body lotion and face serum teeming with Vitamins, Minerals, Green Tea Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid to increase your results at home. Nourish your skin with collagen-boosting red light therapy and nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals!

Don’t just take our word for it. Red Light therapy works!

“I noticed that my stretch marks and scars on my stomach seem to be diminishing from the Red Light Therapy.”
— P.K. Flourtown

“My age spots have virtually disappeared on my hands from using Red Light.”
— T.L. Blue Bell

“I had very bad acne scars for years. They are almost completely gone from using Red Light Therapy.”
— C.T. Cottman

“This Red Light Therapy really works. I have seen the lines on my face diminishing. My skin is softer and
smoother, and it even helps with my back pain.”
— E.W. Tremont

“I’ve used the Red Light Therapy for three months for pain from my surgery. I’ve been very happy with the
— J. R. Bensalem