UV Stand Up Booth Tanning

Majestic Sun Salon is the place to be with our state of the art stand-up UV TANNING booths.

The most bronzed, right-off the beach results, with a touch of that healthy glow you are craving!

We are Sunshine! Majestic Sun Salon is proud to offer an extensive array of vertical stand up booths for premium tanning.

With FOUR levels available for that perfect tan, Majestic Sun Salon can fit anyone’s needs.

Interested in jumping to the next level? No problem! We offer upgrades so you can customize your experience each and every time.


1sunOne Sun : Great Value, Great Tan

With 11 minutes max stand time, this booth will give you that off-the-beach look while giving you a base tan in 5 to 6 sessions.


2sunTwo Sun: Incredible 10-minute Tan

Keep your cool in this tanning booth, and you’ll have an incredible tan in 4 to 5 easy sessions. With a maximum stand time of 10 minutes, you’ll be looking fabulous in no time.


3sunThree Sun: The Ultimate 8-minute Tan

One of our fastest tanning booths! You’ll have your beautiful base tan in only 3 to 4 sessions, with only 2% UVB, allowing you to build your tan faster.



The Suncapsule

Stand up- 4 Sun VitesseThe Fastest Tanning Booth Anywhere! Only 7 minutes! Available at all eight of our Majestic Sun Salon locations!

This booth features 60 lamps, 250 watt bulbs, raised floor for head to toe tanning (designed for those hard to tan legs), and a comfortable dressing room.




Every experience with Majestic Sun Salon is safe, sanitary, and all our tanning bulbs are changed regularly.

We are trained professionals whom will always recommend the right exposure time, each time. Majestic Sun Salon will always follow the law for your protection and ask for eye wear. Our team will always sanitize every booth and bed after each session to ensure the best experience. A clean facility can and should be trusted. Our Majestic Sun Salon system is designed to alert us when booths have bulbs that need to be changed and rotated. Regular maintenance is key to offer an exemplary experience